The Iconic Coffee Trike

Serving Specialty Coffee with Conscience and Taste

refreshing new way to
serve superb coffee.
The trike on 3 wheels
is a quality-focussed coffee
shop without the shop.



Brought to coffee lovers by coffee lovers, THE COFFEE TRIKE is a beautifully handcrafted mobile coffee station on three wheels.

Made from sustainable solid wood, it is easy to relocate, simple and smart. The trike is fitted with all it takes to make a seriously good cup of coffee to go.




Every great cup of coffee has a story behind it. The world of coffee has become more transparent and exciting. Chez Moe recognises the fragile journey of the coffee bean from plant to cup - from tropical farms to the processing of coffee cherries and the fine art of roasting.

We work with specialty single origin coffee that is defined by quality. The finest specialty coffee that is brewed to perfection and brought fresh in season to a masterful local roasting.

Our baristas make superb coffee and are committed to the important dialogue of coffee origins, roasting, brewing and aromas.


Join THE COFFEE TRIKE success story.

All you need is a location and a 3.5 kW single phase power supply. With built-in water supply and drainage, it is ideal for airports, malls, office towers, metro stations, cinemas, parks & streets and outdoor events.

Chez Moe provides investments with and without management. Invest in an affordable business that is easy to launch and offers a quick return on investment. The secret to our success is a combination of excellent products at affordable prices that can reach a wide population and that is available at your doorstep.

We are ready to move in and we also have exciting locations to start from. Contact us for more information:​

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